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Just a short 20 minute drive from Pattaya.


18 Hole Golf Course

Located just 20 minutes drive outside of Pattaya.

Parichat International Golf Links is located in Tambon Khao Mai Kaew, 15 minutes from Pattaya and around 1 hour from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Founded in 2014, Parichat International Golf Links is a traditional 18-hole course laid out on 214 acres of beautiful land with perfect natural surroundings. The course was carefully designed to create several exciting dimensions as well as some breathtaking aesthetics view for golfers of all handicaps to contemplate.

It will also hosts clubhouse with fine service. This is the destination for golfers who seek top-notch courses with the standard in services and facilities.

Hole No. 17 Par 4 (403 yards from Black Tee)
This is one of the most challenging holes on the course. You’ll have to make a decision on your tee shot to avoid the water which is right in the middle of fairway. The high cliff in the far distance is also the exciting scene of the course. Another tricky green awaits, this time with a notable slope. If golfer cannot stop the ball on the green, they must pay for the mistake with one more shot to get back to the pin.

In harmony with the beautiful rolling hills and pleasant lake that lie on this 6,660-yard course, each stage offers different challenges, but also some relaxing kiosks for you to take a rest, put your feet up and have a drink while enjoying the gentle sounds of nature.


"One of the most challenging golf course I have ever played, some extremely interesting holes that really make you think about your golf shots."
-Mark Woods



Harmony with beautiful hills and peaceful valley lies on the 6,660-yard standard golf course. Every stages in this 18-hole course offers many different challenged games which encourage masterminding golfers to enjoy. There are also 2 grand kiosks offering chilling space for every golfers to take a rest, design their next games, and admire the breathtaking scenery of the course.

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